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Bendix King

Bendix/King KAS 297B Altitude/VS Selector - Part Number: 065-0065-01

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This serviceable Bendix King KAS 297B Altitude/VSI Selector comes with a yellow-tag.

The KAS 297B is used with the Bendix/King KFC 150 autopilot for altitude pre select and vertical speed mode controls. 


  • Functions along with the KEA-130A Encoding Altimeter and KFC-150 System to provide Altitude Alerting and Altitude Preselect (typical)
  • Compatible with KEA-346 Servoed Encoding Altimeter for KAP-150 / KFC-150 Altitude Preselect Option
  • Also provides for vertical speed selection, vertical sync, and vertical speed hold
  • -01 supercedes -00; -01 can be used as replacement for -00 with harness pin adjustment
  • Mods 2 & 3