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Bendix King

Bendix/King KMA 24 Audio Panel - Part Number: 066-1055-03

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This serviceable Bendix/King KMA 24 Audio Panel/Marker Beacon Indicator comes with a yellow-tag.

Push button simplicity puts complete, flexible audio control right at your fingertips with Bendix King’s easy-to-use KMA-24. Self-contained, all solid-state and stands only 1.3 inches high in your stack. The “slant top” package tailors it for the top slot in your instrument panel. The KMA-24 controls as many as three transceivers and six receivers, including the internal marker beacon receiver and its automatically dimmed 3-light presentation.



·        Auto dimming Marker Beacon Lights

·        14/28 VDC

·        2 unswitched inputs

·        TSO’d