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Bendix King

Bendix King KMD 540 MFD - Part Number: 066-04035-0101

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This serviceable Bendix/King KMD 540 MFD unit comes with a yellow tag.

The KMD 540 is popular in many general aviation aircraft with a need for a digital weather radar display. The KMD 540 has up to four optional modules (i.e. KAC-501/502/503/504) that can be installed into KMD-540 unit to expand display capabilities when used with compatible sensors. It supplies real time weather information and has the ability to show a moving map with traffic display.


  • Standard display capabilities include moving map via compatible external GPS source and stormscope/lightning information
  • Mods 1, 2,
  • KAC 501 installed with Mod 1
  • KAC 504 installed With mod 1
  • Easy joystick control and multiple function keys used for operation