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Bendix King

Bendix/King KX 165 NAV/COM - Part Number: 069-1025-05

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This serviceable Bendix King KX-165 NAV/COM (28V) comes with a yellow-tag.

This high-quality, time-tested system makes "stay ahead" frequency pre-planning effortless. Both the NAV and COMM frequency displays incorporate the popular "flip-flop" preselect feature. This function allows pilots to set up en route or approach frequency changeovers well in advance of the actual transition point of ATC handoff sequence, for true "stay ahead" flight management. By selecting the NAV and COMM frequency in the "Standby" (STBY) display, pilots can "flip-flop" it into "active" status at the press of a button. Large, self-dimming, microprocessor controlled readouts and solid-state electronic tuning provide fast, accurate selection of all 200 NAV and 760 COMM frequencies.