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BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich Stormscope WX-950 - Part Number: 805-10950-001

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Please Note: As we have a large inventory of used Aircraft Parts, this is a file photo representative of the unit you will receive.

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This serviceable Stormscope WX-950 comes with a yellow-tag.

The WX-950 has the familiar, high resolution green CRT, instead of an LCD display. The WX-950 may also be configured to concentrate both the display and processing power on the forward 120° of airspace.

The WX-950 includes newer, very advanced lightning detection software. When set to Strike mode, the WX-950 will plot each discharge separately, like every other Stormscope. The new Cell mode is used to help better define the storm cells as areas to avoid.

When provided with an external heading source, such as a King KCS-55/55A system, the WX-950 will keep the display oriented to the current aircraft heading during turns. This is a great feature to reduce pilot workload and improve situational awareness. Using a gyro-stabilized display is most helpful when maneuvering during departure and approach, when the pilot is busiest.

The WX-950 is capable of detecting and displaying discharges out to 200 nm. This give the pilot plenty of time to develop a thunderstorm avoidance strategy.