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Edo-Aire Mitchell

Century Gyro Slaving Amplifier - Part Number: 1C714

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This serviceable Century Flight Systems Gyro Slaving Amplifier comes with a yellow-tag.

The amplifier is a two function electronic device wherein the slaving circuit accepts heading error data from a heading gyro and provides separate channels of amplified information to slave drive the heading gyro. The second function of the amplifier is an electronic boot strap circuit to extract information from the heading gyro to drive a remote magnetic instrument. Each of the two functions shares equal time by operation of a time sharing switch with a timing signal provided from a ripple counter. The amplified information providing during the first function of the amplifier is a slaving signal representing heading correction generated by the slaving circuit responding to a heading error signal from the heading indicator. During the second function, a synchronous filter modulator/demodulator responds to angular position signals from the time sharing switching to provide energizing voltages at a modulating frequency to the remote magnetic instruments.