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Garmin Apollo MX-20 MFD - Garmin - Part Number: 430-0270-502

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This serviceable Garmin Apollo MX-20 unit comes with a yellow tag.

The MX20 MFD’s large active-matrix LCD display extends a full 6 inches diagonally, and its crisp 640 x 480-pixel screen offers the highest resolution in its class. At a glance, you can see your aircraft’s position and track on a VFR- or IFR-style navigation chart — with course lines, way points and flight progress displayed over realistic terrain depictions. Added safety is provided by a built-in terrain elevation database that color codes relevant ground features in relation to your aircraft altitude, alerting you as you approach rising terrain. The MX20 will also integrate with various onboard weather radar, lightning, traffic awareness and data link systems that enable uploading of graphical weather information and NEXRAD radar depictions.

  • Terrain Awareness Charting function combines worldwide terrain database with GPS position input to display terrain conflict advisories in four color
  • VFR Charting function reproduces sectional-like charts including airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, user way points, special use airspace, ground terrain, and active flight plan
  • TSO'd to TSO-C113 and TSO-C110a
  • Mods: T
  • Flight Plan function provides summary page for active flight plan including bearing, distance, time to all way points, as well as additional information for each way point