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Garmin GI 106B CDI - Part Number: 013-00593-01

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This serviceable Garmin GI 106B CDI unit with a yellow-tag.

This serviceable Garmin GI 106B CDI was removed in perfect working order. This unit is replacing the existing GI 102A and GI 106A, the GI 106B incorporates an enhanced design with new functionality. With the removal of complex internal electromechanical subassemblies and incandescent bulbs, the new GI-106B provides improved reliability.


·        Rectilinear needle movements

·        Integral resolver for VOR/GPS OBS feedback

·        VOR/LOC/GPS Needle

·        Glideslope Needle

·        Needles hidden when invalid

·        GPS, NAV and VLOC annunciators (LED)

·        To/From annunciators (LED)