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Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel - Part Number: 011-00401-10

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This serviceable Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel, Marker Beacon Receiver, and Stereo Intercom is a very well-equipped Audio Panel. Not only does it have the Marker Beacon section that you would expect, but it also has a Stereo Voice-Activated Intercom system. The GMA-340 was designed to make communicating easier and more flexible.

The Voice-Activated Intercom features six places, and allows easy isolation between the pilot, crew, and passengers. There are separate volume controls for the pilot, co-pilot, and passengers, to tailor the system as needed for hearing or headset equipment differences.

The GMA-340 is loaded with features pilots love, including:

  • Split COMMs, so the pilot can work COMM1 and the co-pilot COMM2
  • Remote pushbutton microphone swap between COMM1 and COMM2
  • Intelligent signal processing, to reduce background noise
  • Two unswitched audio inputs for traffic, terrain, or altitude warnings, or telephone calls
  • Failsafe pilot connection to COMM1
  • Speaker amplifier for announcements
  • SmartMute audio muting
  • Large buttons and clear transmit indication
  • Automatic annunciator dimming