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Narco AR-850 Altitude Encoder - Part Number: AR-850

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This serviceable Narco AR-850 Altitude Reporter comes with a yellow-tag.

The AR-850 Altitude Reporter is a TSO'd pressure altitude digitizer. Sensing atmospheric pressure, the AR-850 converts pressure/altitude information into digitized altitude data, ready for transmission to air traffic control centers via the aircraft's transponder during a Mode C interrogation. The AR-850 reports altitude up to 30,700 feet (9,357 meters) and incorporates a Piezoresistive pressure sensor. No complex gears, shafts or optical discs are used which increases the unit's reliability. It’s directly compatible with most current production transponders and meets FAA TSO C88(a). Its lightweight (less than 1 pound) and compact (remote mounts easily within the aircraft's structure).