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Sandel SN 3308 EHSI - Part Number: SN3308-00-BL

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This serviceable Sandel Avionics SN3308 Electronic HSI unit comes with a yellow tag.

The SN-3308 combines an HSI (with Glideslope), RMI, Moving Map, and WX-500 Stormscope in a display right in front of you. Plus, it shows you Marker Beacon status and GPS annunciation. This EHSI is designed to pull information from most of your other avionics, and to present it to you in one clear and easy-to-interpret display. The Sandel SN3308 provides an integrated display that combines all your navigation information in one place. In addition to the usual functions of a slaved HSI, the unit offers the additional functions of an RMI, ADF indicator, DME indicator, remote marker beacon annunciation, and all the remote annunciation and switching functions required for an approach-approved GPS installation. Truly one-stop shopping for navigation information.


  • Mods 1,2
  • GPS Driven Moving Map
  • Weather Avoidance Display
  • Software 2.11