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uAvionix SkyBeacon Nav Strobe Light/ADS-B Out - Part Number: UAV-1001856-002

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Please Note: As we have a large inventory of used Aircraft Parts, this is a file photo representative of the unit you will receive.

Please contact us if you need specific information (e.g., serial number or mod status) prior to purchasing.

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This serviceable uAvionix SkyBeacon ADS-B Out System comes with a yellow-tag.

This serviceable Skybeacon ADS-B out, Strobe light, and Nav light was removed in perfect working order. This ADS-B out solution takes almost no time to install. The Skybeacon system mounts in place of an existing wingtip strobe/nav light. This system has its own internal GPS receiver and works with your existing transponder. This UAT out ADS-B source meets the 2020 ADS-B mandate.


  • Bright LED Nav/Strobe Lights
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Easy configuration menu controlled with mobile app