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uAvionix tailBeacon/ADS-B OUT - Part Number: UAV-1002183-001

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Please Note: As we have a large inventory of used Aircraft Parts, this is a file photo representative of the unit you will receive.

Please contact us if you need specific information (e.g., serial number or mod status) prior to purchasing.

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This serviceable uAvionix tailBeacon ADS-B Out System comes with a yellow-tag.

tailBeacon works with any existing Mode C Transponder.  uAvionix’s patented power transcoder technology seamlessly communicates with your existing legacy transponder over your aircraft’s electrical system. With tailBeacon’s Anonymous Mode, your aircraft identification remains hidden from the ADS-B OUT signal while squawking 1200. tailBeacon contains its own TSO Certified uAvionix truFYX WAAS GPS.  You have no additional GPS to purchase or integrate with. And with tailBeacon, you’re getting a 2x brighter LED nav light with a fraction of the power consumption.

The tailBeacon is the easiest, most affordable installation on the market. The mobile application (available for both Apple iOS and Android) guides your installer through setting the necessary values including the ICAO address, emitter type, aircraft length, width and GPS offsets.


  • Works with Your Existing Mode C Transponder
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Self-Contained WAAS GPS
  • Bright LED Nav Light
  • Mounts with a Turn
  • Instant Setup and Configuration